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365 Days of GratitudeDichotomies

What I’m Grateful For: Dichotomies  I have always had a fascination with ..

March 16
365 Days of GratitudeSpring Will Come

What I’m Grateful For: Spring Will Come We got over 20 inches of ..

March 09
365 Days of GratitudeSilliness

What I’m Grateful For: Silliness I wouldn’t consider myself a very ..

March 02
365 Days of GratitudeMy Band of Jays

What I’m grateful for: My Band of Jays Up here the winters are long, ..

February 23
365 Days of GratitudeCoffee Part 3

What I’m grateful for: Coffee (Part 3 of 3)   So one more and then I ..

February 17
365 Days of GratitudeCoffee Part 2

What I’m grateful for: Coffee (Part 2 of 3) When I was growing up, my ..

February 09
365 Days of GratitudeCoffee Part 1

What I’m grateful for: Coffee (Part 1 of 3) I really love coffee. ..

February 02
365 Days of GratitudeCooking

What I’m grateful for: Cooking (and Plated!) I really enjoy cooking, and ..

January 29
365 Days of GratitudeMath

What I’m grateful for: Math My 11-year-old daughter is enrolled in online ..

January 19
365 Days of GratitudeTraction

What I’m grateful for: Traction. It’s really icy here this month, and I ..

January 12