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365 Days of GratitudeWords

What I’m Grateful For: Words This is the 50th week of my emails. ..

November 09
365 Days of GratitudeGrey Days

What I’m Grateful For: Grey Days I love grey weekdays…. ..

October 26
365 Days of GratitudeIntegrity (part 2 of 2)

What I’m Grateful For: Integrity (part 2 of 2) Out of integrity: does ..

October 12
365 Days of GratitudeIntegrity

  What I’m Grateful For: Integrity (part 1 of 2) A recent set of ..

October 05
365 Days of GratitudeHonesty

What I’m Grateful For: Honesty I have been reading about honesty in ..

September 28
365 Days of GratitudeRain

  What I’m Grateful For: Rain Last night it rained. Not very much, ..

September 21
365 Days of GratitudeFall is Coming

What I’m Grateful For: Fall is Coming Each season holds its own ..

September 21
365 Days of GratitudeWhat I’m Grateful For: Digging Firelines

It was a hectic weekend – the fire that has been just over in another ..

September 08
365 Days of GratitudeGratitude: Sleep — and Insomnia

What I’m Grateful For: Sleep – and Insomnia (again) If you tally it ..

August 24
365 Days of GratitudeLate August 2018

Gratitude: Late August 2018 This is one of those upside-down gratitudes – ..

August 17