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365 Days of GratitudeEditing

What I’m Grateful For: Editing  The process of editing your work ..

May 18
WEB UPDATESGoogle Analytics Data Update

Google is changing up their data game, by May 25th, 2018,  if you have ..

May 11
365 Days of GratitudeYardwork

What I’m Grateful For: Yardwork  There’s nothing more fun than ..

May 11
365 Days of GratitudeBooks

What I’m Grateful For: Books  Books. They are straight-up, ..

May 04
365 Days of GratitudeWashing Dishes

What I’m Grateful For: Washing the Dishes  Wait a minute – I ..

April 27
365 Days of GratitudeConstancy

What I’m Grateful For: Constancy There are a few things that are ..

April 20
365 Days of GratitudeSpring

What I’m Grateful For: Spring Ok, you might be thinking, spring is ..

April 13
365 Days of GratitudePower Outages

What I’m Grateful For: Power Outages  Week three of our upside-down ..

April 10
365 Days of GratitudeStress

What I’m Grateful For: Stress  This is week number two for looking at ..

March 30
365 Days of GratitudeInsomnia

What I’m Grateful For: Insomnia  This week I’m going to start ..

March 23