Washing Dishes

What I’m Grateful For: Washing the Dishes  Wait a minute – I am not ..

April 27


What I’m Grateful For: Constancy There are a few things that are fairly ..

April 20


What I’m Grateful For: Spring Ok, you might be thinking, spring is great! I guess ..

April 13

Power Outages

What I’m Grateful For: Power Outages  Week three of our upside-down ..

April 10


What I’m Grateful For: Stress  This is week number two for looking at the ..

March 30


What I’m Grateful For: Insomnia  This week I’m going to start looking ..

March 23


What I’m Grateful For: Dichotomies  I have always had a fascination with ..

March 16

Spring Will Come

What I’m Grateful For: Spring Will Come We got over 20 inches of snow a couple ..

March 9


What I’m Grateful For: Silliness I wouldn’t consider myself a very silly person. ..

March 2

My Band of Jays

What I’m grateful for: My Band of Jays Up here the winters are long, cold and ..

February 23