Earth & Sky’s Gratitudes

Here we are, 52 weeks later. A full year of writing each week. And this week, it’s ..

November 22


What I’m Grateful For: Life “The master in the art of living makes little ..

November 19


What I’m Grateful For: Words This is the 50th week of my emails. Just a few ..

November 9


What I’m Grateful For: Dogs My daughter’s good friend and neighbor owns 15 dogs. ..

November 2

Grey Days

What I’m Grateful For: Grey Days I love grey weekdays…. especially in ..

October 26

Integrity, or My Own Lack Thereof

What I’m Grateful For: Integrity, or My Own Lack Thereof (part 3 of 2, yes I ..

October 19

Integrity (part 2 of 2)

What I’m Grateful For: Integrity (part 2 of 2) Out of integrity: does this mean ..

October 12


  What I’m Grateful For: Integrity (part 1 of 2) A recent set of events has ..

October 5


What I’m Grateful For: Honesty I have been reading about honesty in teams and ..

September 28


  What I’m Grateful For: Rain Last night it rained. Not very much, but the ..

September 21